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Help When You Need It

We are here when you need help. Whether you have an OSHA inspection, and accident or any questions pertaining to your company and safety we can help.

OSHA Inspection: In the event of an OSHA enforcement agency inspection we will be there. At the time of the inspection we will escort the compliance officer for the duration of their time on site and document any safety issues found. Our service does not stop at the end of the inspection. We will attend informal conferences, court cases, etc.

When an accident occurs on your job site we will be there. Our experienced staff will report to your site and perform a thorough accident investigation including photographs, measurements, and witness interviews. This information will be compiled into a written report that will be forwarded to company management.

Whether your questions are simple or complex our staff is there to serve you. We have the information, experience, and resources to provide you with accurate information in a timely manner to your questions.